inspire.empow(her) Podcast

Episode 2 - Interview with Huma Hamid

December 25, 2019
Listen to Huma Hamid’s inspiring journey to understand her purpose to be passionate of building products, teams and communities.  How to connect, learn and grow together in the most inclusive way.  The journey starts at age 11 in Pakistan being intrigued by the magic box of computing; breaking out of culture expectations to follow her passions in engineering; to defining moments in London and learning harmony through culture awareness and a new learning style of adaptability and flexibility.  Huma’s curiosity with other cultures has led to her unique leadership style of influence and inspiring through personal journeys and her latest impact is to increase visibility, impact and empowerment through the platform she co-founded  It is through this organization she has helped others to see beyond what is possible and mentor at scale a number of woman in technology through listening to their pain points and helping them move forward.  Empathetic leadership is a cornerstone of Huma’s leadership principle and through this she has been able to help others who feel a sense of isolation and are afraid to fail to help us grow as human being.

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